Pizza War and Peace

posted 16th Sep 2018, 11:08 AM

Pizza War and Peace
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16th Sep 2018, 11:08 AM


Today, completely on a side, we talk about Pizza War (And not that shitty Pizzagate megalomaniac conspiration)

I am in love with pineapple in pizza (and in many other food because I like salty-sweet food and pineapple).

My muse is the goddess of pizza but hates pineapple in pizza and in general, because she is allergic to it.

I love pineapple but I love her more. So I never open that debate with her. Because honestly pizza is the love of the world incarnation and nobody should argue over it.

There are enough recipes for everyone to be happy.

Author Note:

I am sorry I was so absente those past two years. I know you got use to see a strip everyday, but with everything going on being a huge cartoonish mess, I am facing a dry out of idea, so much the general mood is absurd to the point of not being to make a joke of it.
I try my best to make it up from now on.

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