Crazy things happen in the world everyday. Some are dramatic, some are funny, some seem to come from a movie and sometimes, a drawing is all we need to explain them.

3rd Oct 2016, 11:08 PM


What happened?

Well what happened is that I got stuck in France, with no visa, no internet and no wacom pen. So the wacom pen you were all aware of it, explaining why my last drawing was made in ink. I may keep it that way... But my visa took me a huge amount of time.I didn't know until the very last minute if I could go bak home or not.

But I did and I have internet again. And my working material. Whohoo! So tomorrow back on track. 

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15th Jun 2016, 1:39 AM



Hello my dear friends.

There wasn't suppose to be a new episode of MADE IN TIME, featuring one of my DAY 2 DAY drawing. Unfortunately, an idiot with a gun and bad ideas, decided that it was good to go shoot at homosexuals in a nightclub... Because... because he had too. 

So facing this very sad event that reminds me of what happened to my own country not so long ago, I draw. And recorded what I draw. "ENEMY PUBLIC" is the  cartoon in response of Olrando' slaughter and "MIT - Special 01 | Enemy Public" is  new episode of  MADE IN TIME and its first special episode. Starting from today, I will make special episode like that aside the regular schedule, because it is mostly certain that event like that will occur again and plenty.

But cheer up, as long as we keep on trying to understand eachother, even those who try to hurt us, things can only go for the better and then the best. One day.

With lost of love.



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6th Jun 2016, 12:31 PM



Hello my sweeties

Thank you again for reading my webcomics. I really appriciate the recent subscribe and support. Now the big news! 

There is a new episode of  MADE IN TIME on Youtube. And this time it is my drawing "MY DRAGON" from May 15th, featuring Bernie Sanders and Kalhesee from Game of Thrones. 
So if you are curious to see the making of this drawing go check on "MIT - EPISODE 04 | MY DRAGON"

MADE IN TIME is a speed drawing chanel showing the creation process of some of my work pieces. All of it in dynamic music. So go check on it. And don't forget to subscribe if you

Love love!

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24th May 2016, 8:59 PM


Day 2 Day on Youtube

Hi guys,

Thank you for reading my comics. I am very happy in just few days to have so many visitors. I don't know where this comics will go but no matter what it will all be thanks to you.

Now, there are some big news here, the youtube chanel Made In Time, I am also managing will be featuring making off of some of the drawing I made here.
Technically, Made In Time is a speed painting/drawing chanel, where I present in music the creation of many of my illustration. And Day 2 Day cartoon is no exception to it. 

The third episode of MIT was featuring the comics from March 29th: "Going Home". So if you are curious about how this comics is made, go check it out MIT - Episode 03 | Going Home. and don't forget to subscribe.

Love you!!! 

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18th May 2016, 10:56 PM



Hello my little bunnies and welcome to my daily strip DAY 2 DAY

It is a satirical strip talking and caricaturing the daily events happening in the world. I started drawing political drawing about a year ago (2015) after the Charlie Hebdo attack. In reaction of the murdering of artists I grow up wit and admired, I decided to follow the french tradition of nail hitting and knees kicking illustration that has been bothereing so much bullies and idiots around the world. 

Unfortunately the world didn't calm down since then but escalate into a craziness of politic, reliogion and mind blowing idiocity. It is like we are reaching a new pick where everybody all together are loosing their mind and sense of reality. And from where I stand, there is no better time for to seize with humorous drawing what is going to be probably the new stain of our history. Or at least a huge mess.

Anyway, welcome to all of you. And if you like don't forget to subscribe and share it around you.
You can also find me on facebook, at this address:

Thank you and enjoy!

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